Gamma Ray Running

Offers, Week 6

... ... ... Nobody’s responding to your calls. At least, those that work the shadows. Your fixers are all silent in the wake of the callous murder of the fixer you knew as Seraph by Aztechnology. This even made the papers, but the official line from Knight Errant is that it was a drug deal gone bad, and ‘unsavory elements of society’ were discovered around his corpse, and that the elf managed to take more than a few of these gangers with him before he was gunned down.

Of course, on Shadowsea, the message was clear, especially combined with the failed attempt of Aztechnology to kill you before: this is a vendetta, and your ratings are near to zero. Jobs in your direction have practically dried up.

There is one bit of work being tossed your way, though. Or rather, a contact, simply signed by the word “Haven”, has been sent your way, with the following message:

“I am aware of your professional troubles. I will be willing to provide additional data to this situation you’re in, provided that you are able to recompense me. Meet me at the appended address to discuss possible transactions.”

The address is somewhere outside the far end of the Redmond Barrens.

A Message From Mr. Voronov

Dobryi vecher, druz’ya moi. I have a little job that I think you might be interested in. As you may know, with this merzost, this monster on our trail, I have been looking to acquire more effective means of dealing with it than what we currently have available. As it happens my desires and those of my associates overlap at the current time, and so I have come to possess information that could serve us both. Unfortunately I have other obligations I must look after just now, so I would like to present you this opportunity for our mutual benefit.

An associate of mine, you see, has a habit of eavesdropping on private conversations. A terrible habit, I know, but occasionally he overhears useful things. Such things as a group of unpleasant men who, how you say, get their rocks off beating and killing orcs down in Carbonado. Men who also brag of how their friends in Fort Lewis have gotten them enough hardware to “get rid of those fuckin keebs once ‘n for all”.

My associates and I think we would put this hardware to better use than a bunch of muzhlanov. We are willing to pay a good price for any of this equipment you can retrieve for us. As well, I personally am interested in a few items of more specialized use that they may have in their stockpile, and will pay out of my own pocket should you find anything on my little shopping list. I’ve attached a sample of what we have to this message. That should be sufficient to track them down. If not, let me know. Otherwise, when you have what we’re looking for, you know how to contact me.

// Begin File Attachment: multiple attachments

To:Nimroder (
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2072 14:20:24 -0700
Subject: GOAAAAAL!!

Hey man, grats on the game yesterday.  That Jenny of yours is a hell of a goalie. Here's a 
coupla vids I took during the game:
// Steganographic encryption detected.
// Data bomb detected.
// Data bomb disarmed.
// Begin Decrypted Message:

Preacher says everybody needs to show up early for Church tomorrow.  We're getting in the last
shipment of goodies from our friend over at Fort Lewis and he wants everyone there to stand 
guard.  Forget hunting the fraggers, with all this he says we're finally gonna be able to get 
rid of those fucking keebs once and for all.  And we've got a special treat: Tommy caught a 
couple of tuskers and a trog snooping around, and before the sermon Preacher's gonna give them 
one of his special cleansings.  Don't wanna miss that.

// End File

// Begin AvChat Log
// Users: BOLTACTION (, 306Steve 
// Date: Sat, 30 Jul Aug 2072 13:32:50 -0700
// thread-index: Acs4MPI1Y7aa2idwRCCARj52XsOdqA==

[13:32:50] * 306Steve ( has invited you to 
[13:32:50] * You are no longer marked as Away
[13:33:39] (306Steve) HEYOOO!
[13:34:08] (BOLTACTION) hey
[13:34:28] (306Steve) Hey man, you wanna go pig huntin with me and summa the boys tonight?
[13:38:39] (BOLTACTION) We ain't supposed to go huntin for another coupla days, bro.  Preach sez 
it's too soon after the BBQ last night
(cf: Knight Errant incident blotter, 7/29/72 23:17:43 SEA/Sumner: Gang violence suspected in 
Mudd's Pub fire).
[13:39:50] (306Steve) C'mon, man, huntin while they're all riled up like makes it even more 
fun.  Not like Tommy's gonna call us in.  I was thinkin we might try ta find a warthog.
[13:40:34] (BOLTACTION) Fuck that, man, I ain't goin warthog huntin without the whole gang, 
that's a good way to get trog-bit like Rod did.  I can't afford a new arm like he could.  
Preach'd find out for sure and we'd be in all kinda trouble.
[13:41:10] (306Steve) Yeah, spose.  Hey, you think Rods been lookin kinda tusky since then?
[13:43:17] (BOLTACTION) I told you it don't work like that, we cut it off high enough, he ain't 
gonna go all green on us.  He's just pissed cause he misses Rosy Palm and her five sisters.
[13:44:27] (306Steve) LOL!  Aright man, guess I'll have to find another way to get Tammy all 
riled up.  See ya at church.
[13:44:52] (BOLTACTION) See ya, man
[13:45:00] * 306Steve has left the chat.
Week Four Ramifications

Oh shiiiiiii-

Those present (Danea, Virgil, Ralph, and Yevgeny) decided to take the rumor checkup. According to the Johnson, during the shuttle crash around a decade ago, someone lost the command codes to one of the Thor shots that was in Fuchi’s possession. It was supposedly in the care of one of the gangs there, in the possession of “The Manager”.

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy. When you arrived, someone had made their own doorway through the wall, and then proceeded to slaughter everyone inside while you listened. Pulling up in your Urban Assault Truck, you discovered that there was a sniper who put several large holes in your ride with a Thunderstruck gauss rifle… the owner of which you discovered shortly after discovering the head of your very first employer (Athena, the lady who blew up the Aztechnology facility underground?) on a pike.

Hardcase, an ex-Shadowrunner, now a cyberzombie in the employ of Aztechnology. Thankfully, he didn’t take you seriously enough, and with a lucky shot to the face from Virgil’s shotgun, you managed to get away from him, though the word was now out—you are marked for death by AZ. They haven’t figured out where you live yet, but at this point, it’s only a matter of time.

Oh, yes. You also discovered a device, a metal cylinder, which has as of yet been very successful at burning out the spare commlink that Yevgeny hooked up to it. What it does, what it might have on it… nobody knows yet.

Danea now has a vendetta for her previous Mitsuhama contact, Ralph has a vendetta for the entirety of AZ (and is no longer an alcoholic)... and Yevgeny has a job for you.

The Offerings (Week 4)

Sadly for Ulysses, those previous jobs unpicked have since come and gone; what do you think this is, an RPG?

However, a few of your contacts have gotten in touch with you regarding jobs. They’ve heard, through the wire, that you’re starting to make a name for yourselves in the shadows, and they’re interested in giving you work that’s more than just scutwork.

Danea’s Mitsuhama contact has gotten in touch with her. Having heard that you’ve just laid your hands on what amounts to an urban assault vehicle, there’s a Johnson involved who would like you to check up on a rumor in the Redmond Barrens. The information of the rumor will be presented in a meeting with the Johnson, held at the Lake Union Refectory. Should you take this job, attire for the refectory is modern dress—no ‘street wear’.

Vachon’s weapons dealer has another offering for you. Coming in via the docks will be a shipment of Ares military grade weapons, for Knight Errant’s SWAT division. However, unlike your stunt with the Triads, this one’s going to need to happen before the vessel gets into port if you want it. You want more details, you talk to the man at his office.

Finally, Ralph’s fixer has an offer for you (not his bartender, but instead his fixer, where he actually gets jobs, occassionally). In his role as an investigator, there’s been a crime up in Capitol Hill and the Johnson is convinced that the local rent-a-cops didn’t do a good enough job in hunting down the actual culprit. Attached to this request is a news link, commenting on the death of a few prominent partygoers on Broadway. Knight Errant ruled it gang warfare, and arrested a bunch of gangers in connection.

The Favor

The Favor

Your favor to the Ancients worked out to your benefit. You successfully escorted the target from Portland to Seattle, and while you did ruin the van you were using to get up there, you got it replaced with a brick of a truck…which you had some manner of trouble getting over the border, but after a couple of days with a shop and a mechanic, it wasn’t as good as new but it’d get you home. With your bikes (and a different Customs stop which let Ulysses go through without a hitch through that one), you took both the girl and the band up to Seattle. After giving them 1,000 nuyen to get them going, you turned them free to meet their fate! Of course, now that you’ve taken Snow up to Seattle, what are you going to do with her?

In addition, for the next few days, there’s a few more things to consider. Vashon may not have gotten first place in his race, but a prize was delivered through his usual biking contact. The Ancients have gotten in touch with Danea, saying something about “bequeathment” and “left this in your care”, eventually presenting her with a lacquer case with a sword in it, along with a note of regret from Serafina about this particular turn of events, seeing as she’s dead and all. El Topo… well, he’s got that data still that it’s better not to talk about.

As for Ralph… it seems that he’s made a new friend. The spirit he called may have been what was wanted, but it wasn’t what was expected (as Chris has kindly let me know that water spirits don’t do healing… oh well!). While it may have simply been a simple water elemental when he let it go, it didn’t leave, and now he has as something of a contact the free water spirit “Frost”... who is perfectly willing to take on the role of teaching him such things as healing, among others. It has a tendency these days to appear in the form of a pale elven woman when manifested (and it is difficult to see that she’s not an elf, except when viewed astrally), and for some reason it seems to think that it still has some manner of obligation to the alcoholic detective.

Second Week's Offerings

This week’s offerings:

No job offers this week from any of your contacts. However, you’ve been given a few bits of information, and if you wish to act on any of them, it’s up to you.

The chip: Through skill, some work and his luck, everyone’s favorite coked-up pirate hacker managed to decrypt the data taken from the facility. AZ was busy doing destructive testing on Technomancer abilities, testing their limits and ways in which to removes those abilities permanently. While most of the research is already available with just a moment’s querying through some of the more black data havens of the Matrix, a few bits of prime information come to the top. One of the things they stumbled upon was a chemical that could permanently strip any magical ability from the subject, be it Resonance or Magic. The formula has been included in the file (and, for your reference, it includes such savory things as an HMHVV-infected host being rendered down while still living, the remains of living invader-spirit hosts, and a few synthesized drugs, manufactured by AZ).

One of the Vory has something for Yevgeney: “Hey, boss, one of the boys and I found out about a shipment of immigrants being shipped in. Bunch of kids that’re being smuggled in, though we don’t know what for. It’s some independent work, so I’m thinking we might show these guys who they’re dealing with and what they’re doing on our turf!”

Ralph’s bartender: “Hey, man. Had a spirit in here yesterday. Yeah, a spirit. No idea what for, it’s not like we serve anything here for ‘em. Anyways, was asking for a private dick to look into a case about a missing sibling or somebody’s brother or something. Feel like doing a job?”

Newscast (Session 1)


For all the news you need to get.

Terrorist attack!

In North Seattle today there was a reported explosion, and a group, Jaguar Liberation, has claimed responsibility. The company that was attacked suffered only minimal casualties, though at the time of this reporting it has come to us that Dalia Scintil and Mark Smith were both killed in the attack. We offer our condolences to those who survive them.

Ork Civil Rights Leader Assassinated!

Earlier today, Ork civil rights leader Johann Gunther was killed today in Seattle, apparently on his way to a clandestine meeting with civil authorities to help smooth out some of the current wrinkles in what some people are calling “The Ork Problem.”

“The Underground is just crawling with them, living in squalor down there. My granny used to tell me about when the Underground was a fine thing to visit, but now it’s just full of orks squatting. When’re we going to deal with this problem in our city, that’s what I want to know!”

-Maurice Walters, Sanitation Worker

Fire in SODO

A fire broke out after what was apparently a smash and grab style robbery on Integrated Components, Inc, on SODO. While the business is insured, the contract they had recently landed with Ares- kept on the secret until now- has fallen through.

Man Eats Himself to Death!

A man- Justin Pierce- somehow ate himself to death in a Taco Shack in northern Seattle today. According to Witnesses, he came in about 3pm and started stuffing food into himself. Though plenty of people remember him eating, nobody thought to stop him.

“Look, man, we get trolls in here with cybergear up the wazoo, and they eat like it’s going out of style, so lay off, okay? I thought- everybody thought the guy knew what he was doing!”

-Kevin Jan, Taco Shack employee

Witnesses reported that Mr. Pierce fell over, comatose, at about 5pm. Ambulances were dispatched, and found that Mr. Pierce was suffering from a burst stomach. Despite the prompt and timely help in the matter, Mr. Pierce died en route to the hospital, and police are investigating the matter.

First Offerings
In which the first choices are made

So, runners, looking for work? Your fixers have three jobs in the offering, but you can only take one of them for short notice.

Aleph: “Greetings! My favorite guys! Hey, listen, I’ve got a Johnson, and boy, is he huge! You’ll want to see this Johnson, I’m sure of it! If you’ve got the time, this guy’s got a job for you—I got some word out of him about picking up and transporting some sensitive data. He’ll meet you at il Fomaggio out in Bellevue.”

Seraph: “I trust that you are well? I’ve a client that has the need of the specialized services that your group may be able to provide. The client wishes to meet with you at Genki Kobe steakhouse downtown. It seems to be some kind of bodyguard work.”

Johann: “Hey, guys, listen, I’ve got a friend down here who’s looking for a group to help him out with a little problem. He’s got a friend who’s coming into town and needs a hand moving his luggage, y’know what I mean? You know the usual place where I set up the jobs.”

I’ll get your pick on Saturday.

Edited: Saturday, June 12th:

Seraph: Excellent. I’ll pass on the word to this particular client that you will be willing to meet with him.


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