Gamma Ray Running

A Message From Mr. Voronov

Dobryi vecher, druz’ya moi. I have a little job that I think you might be interested in. As you may know, with this merzost, this monster on our trail, I have been looking to acquire more effective means of dealing with it than what we currently have available. As it happens my desires and those of my associates overlap at the current time, and so I have come to possess information that could serve us both. Unfortunately I have other obligations I must look after just now, so I would like to present you this opportunity for our mutual benefit.

An associate of mine, you see, has a habit of eavesdropping on private conversations. A terrible habit, I know, but occasionally he overhears useful things. Such things as a group of unpleasant men who, how you say, get their rocks off beating and killing orcs down in Carbonado. Men who also brag of how their friends in Fort Lewis have gotten them enough hardware to “get rid of those fuckin keebs once ‘n for all”.

My associates and I think we would put this hardware to better use than a bunch of muzhlanov. We are willing to pay a good price for any of this equipment you can retrieve for us. As well, I personally am interested in a few items of more specialized use that they may have in their stockpile, and will pay out of my own pocket should you find anything on my little shopping list. I’ve attached a sample of what we have to this message. That should be sufficient to track them down. If not, let me know. Otherwise, when you have what we’re looking for, you know how to contact me.

// Begin File Attachment: multiple attachments

To:Nimroder (
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2072 14:20:24 -0700
Subject: GOAAAAAL!!

Hey man, grats on the game yesterday.  That Jenny of yours is a hell of a goalie. Here's a 
coupla vids I took during the game:
// Steganographic encryption detected.
// Data bomb detected.
// Data bomb disarmed.
// Begin Decrypted Message:

Preacher says everybody needs to show up early for Church tomorrow.  We're getting in the last
shipment of goodies from our friend over at Fort Lewis and he wants everyone there to stand 
guard.  Forget hunting the fraggers, with all this he says we're finally gonna be able to get 
rid of those fucking keebs once and for all.  And we've got a special treat: Tommy caught a 
couple of tuskers and a trog snooping around, and before the sermon Preacher's gonna give them 
one of his special cleansings.  Don't wanna miss that.

// End File

// Begin AvChat Log
// Users: BOLTACTION (, 306Steve 
// Date: Sat, 30 Jul Aug 2072 13:32:50 -0700
// thread-index: Acs4MPI1Y7aa2idwRCCARj52XsOdqA==

[13:32:50] * 306Steve ( has invited you to 
[13:32:50] * You are no longer marked as Away
[13:33:39] (306Steve) HEYOOO!
[13:34:08] (BOLTACTION) hey
[13:34:28] (306Steve) Hey man, you wanna go pig huntin with me and summa the boys tonight?
[13:38:39] (BOLTACTION) We ain't supposed to go huntin for another coupla days, bro.  Preach sez 
it's too soon after the BBQ last night
(cf: Knight Errant incident blotter, 7/29/72 23:17:43 SEA/Sumner: Gang violence suspected in 
Mudd's Pub fire).
[13:39:50] (306Steve) C'mon, man, huntin while they're all riled up like makes it even more 
fun.  Not like Tommy's gonna call us in.  I was thinkin we might try ta find a warthog.
[13:40:34] (BOLTACTION) Fuck that, man, I ain't goin warthog huntin without the whole gang, 
that's a good way to get trog-bit like Rod did.  I can't afford a new arm like he could.  
Preach'd find out for sure and we'd be in all kinda trouble.
[13:41:10] (306Steve) Yeah, spose.  Hey, you think Rods been lookin kinda tusky since then?
[13:43:17] (BOLTACTION) I told you it don't work like that, we cut it off high enough, he ain't 
gonna go all green on us.  He's just pissed cause he misses Rosy Palm and her five sisters.
[13:44:27] (306Steve) LOL!  Aright man, guess I'll have to find another way to get Tammy all 
riled up.  See ya at church.
[13:44:52] (BOLTACTION) See ya, man
[13:45:00] * 306Steve has left the chat.


Virgil: “Ooooh. Now this one I’d do for free. Dumbass smoothies don’t know who they’re messing with…”

A Message From Mr. Voronov

This file has been appended by Digital Snowflake:

Effort is being spent to become helpful. Requesting the following materials to be acquired during this, pending their existence as potential parcels within the larger whole of this matter.

Weapon: Walter MA-2100 sniper rifle (with integral smartgun system) as well as smart firing platform/tripod for mounting and supporting fire from external position. Failing the existence of this particular item, any sniper rifle will be sufficient, provided the existence and accompaniment of external smartgun system. An internal smartgun modification would also be appreciated.

Ammunition: Sufficient ammunition for Walter MA-2100 sniper rifle. Standard clip size is 10 bullets. Multiple clips would be appreciated, however, loading extra clips may not be an option in the field on account of use as remote firing platform.

Drones: Current enemy force disposition is unknown. Current stockpile records and existence of potential gear is unknown. Provided the existence of remote semi-autonomous drones with rigger adaptations, the procurement of these items for on-field assistance is requested. Preference is towards intelligence drones (common parlance: “Spybots”) though autonomous mobile weapon systems would be acceptable.

Kits: In degrees of likelihood, the following items are additionally requested to the appended list. Armorer Kit, Hardware Kit, Cybertechnology Kit. These are required for modifications and maintenance of weapons, electronics, and cybernetics.

Electronics: In addition to the above, one more item is requested, though the probability of its existence within this weapons cache is minimal. The item is a commlink upgrade referred to as a simsense accelerator.

Payment: Sufficient funding to procure these devices by prices is missing at this time. However, barter is available in the form of easing payment from recurring bills, or the procurement of a safehouse under false registration with small likelihood of being tracked back to you.

Requirement: I wish to accompany you.


File Terminates

A Message From Mr. Voronov

From Yevgeny:

“Well, druz’ya moi, it seems these fellows were nastier than I expected. The True Sons of Liberty, they called themselves. Military rifles, grenades, these I expected. The flamethrower even, I suspected. Thank you for that, by the way, despite it’s rather unpleasant history it could be of use against the monster. But rocket launchers? Smart grenade launchers? These go are not the weapons of thugs with a grudge. Still, we had a deal, so I will see you are paid fair value for it all. Let me know if you wish to keep any of it, and I will take it off the list. As for the other junk, the commlinks, the trucks, that is not part of the deal, so I cannot make any guarantees, but if you like I can see if I can find a buyer.

I’ve attached a manifest that our Digital Snowflake sent along in case you want to look it over. Snow, she is very.. thorough, da?”

// Begin File Attachment

Military Cache: (except as noted all items appear new in box)
4 crates holding 4 Nitama Optimum II assault rifles each (2 opened, used).   Street value 660¥ 
each,  10560¥ total.
2 crates holding 4 Enfield AS-7 shotguns w/ internal smartlinks (2 opened, used).   Street 
value 660¥ each,  5280¥ total.
2 sets of 2 crates each holding 1 disassembled Ares MP-LMG.   Street value 450¥ each,  900¥ 
1 small crate holding 4 ArmTech MGL-6s w/ internal smartlink & airburst link (1 opened, used). 
Street value 1050¥ each,  4200¥ total.
2 long cases (one opened, used) holding 1 Arbelast II MAW Launcher w/ integral smartlink & 
airburst link each.   Street value 870¥ each,  1740¥ total.
5 25-round fragmentation minigrenade cases.   Street value 10.5¥ each,  1312.5¥ total.
2 25-round CS gas minigrenade cases.   Street value 12¥ each,  600¥ total.
2 25-round white phosphorous minigrenade cases.   Street value 36¥ each,  1800¥ total.
2 cans holding 6 individually packed MAW fragmentation rockets each.  One round missing.   
Street value 165¥ each round,  1815¥ total.
2 crates of mechanical parts, used for assembling a normal external flexible manual weapon 
mount.   Street value 1050¥ each,  2100¥ total.
2 cardboard boxes, each containing 5 individually packaged pairs of Mitsuhama Militia-Ware 
smart goggles (rating 3 w/ flare comp, image link and smartlink).   Street value 217.5¥ each,  
2175¥ total.
1 cardboard box, 100 rounds APDS sniper rifle ammunition.   Street value 210¥.
6 cans LMG ammo in standard mix (3/4 regular, 1/4 tracer ) belted LMG ammo, 800 rounds per 
can.   Street value 81¥ per can,  4860¥ total.
4 wooden ammo crates containing 1000 rounds assault rifle ammo each (5 plastic packs each, 10 
boxes per pack, 20 rounds per box).   Street value 12¥ per box,  2400¥ total.
1 wooden ammo crate containing 200 shotgun flechette rounds (20 10 round boxes).   Street value 
30¥ per box,  600¥ total.
2 wooden ammo crates containing 400 shotgun slug rounds (20 10 round boxes per crate).   Street 
value 6¥ per box,  240¥ total.

Total value via sale through Mr. Voronov, 40792.5¥.  Share per team member, 6798.75¥

1 Thundercloud Morgan ATV, used.  Standard weapon mount removed.  System diagnostic indicates 
degraded control system performance (equivalent of Gremlins 2 for vehicle tests only).  
Estimated street value 2000¥.
1 GAZ P-179 pickup with off road tires, used.  System diagnostic indicates history of heavy 
body damage, degraded control system response time (equivalent of Combat Paralysis for the 
driver).  Estimated value 2800¥.
1 Conestoga Dust Devil pickup (stats as GAZ P-179) with off road tires, used.  System 
diagnostic indicates non-standard configuration with history of heavy modification (+4 to 
Threshold for Modification tests).  Estimated value 3000¥
1 Chrystler-Nissan Saf-T-Liner EX, extensively modified.  Modifications include steel plate 
armor (10 points vehicular armor), 3 gun ports per side, additional access hatches (2 roof, 2 
rear), off road suspension, off road tires, ram plate.  No longer street legal.  Vehicle 
aesthetics severely compromised.  Speed and acceleration reduced 20%.  Estimated value 14000¥

Scavenged Gear:
8 armor jackets, various makers, perforated and blood stained.  Estimated value negligable.
4 pairs Esprit Lone Star(tm) brand nightshades (Rating 3 glasses with image link, low light and 
flare compensation).  Some blood stains.  Estimated value 100¥ each.
1 pair Esprit Eliminator brand smart goggles (rating 5 goggles with image link, low light, 
flare compensation, smartlink and vision magnification).  Estimated vlaue 300¥.
1 Aztechnology F3a flamethrower, used.  Decorated with Old Glory stickers, Christian and 
anti-metahuman iconography.  Offer extended by Yevgeny for 1800¥
2 Defiance T-250 shotguns, used.  Estimated value 140¥ each.
3 Remington 950 hunting rifles, used.  Estimated value 200¥ each.
1 PJSS Elephant Rifle, used.  Estimated value 1800¥.
1 Walther MA-2100 sniper rifle, used.  Mine.
3 Cavalier Deputy heavy pistols, used.  Estimated value 70¥ each.
1 Ruger Super Warhawk heavy pistol, used.  Estimated value 75¥.
2 Colt Manhunter heavy pistols, used.  Estimated value 90¥.
6 assorted off the shelf personal commlinks, Novatech Airwave equivalent, 2 with corrupted OS, 
4 with Iris Orb OS intact.  Estimated value 4000¥ total.
1 satellite uplink, used.  Estimated value 150¥.
1 pirate copy Bloodhound IC (rating 3) loaded with ergonomic Analyze-3 and Trace-3.  estimated 
value 200¥.
1 pirate copy Attack IC (rating 3) loaded with ergonomic Black Hammer-3, Armor-3. Estimated 
value 300¥.
2 Lockheed Optic-X VTOL drones w/ improved sensors (Camera 4 w/ low light, flare comp, 
enhancement 2, mag).  Loaded with pirated copies of Clearsight Autosoft rating 3 and Analyze 
rating 3.  Estimated value 800¥ each.

1 geothermal power plant plus facilities, non-operational.  Possibly contested by surviving 
True Sons of Liberty.

// End File Attachment
A Message From Mr. Voronov

“I’ll take one of the Enfields. Take it out of my share.” -Sexy Tusky God of War

A Message From Mr. Voronov

WANT: 1 satellite uplink, used. Estimated value 150¥. 1 pirate copy Bloodhound IC (rating 3) loaded with ergonomic Analyze-3 and Trace-3. estimated value 200¥. 1 pirate copy Attack IC (rating 3) loaded with ergonomic Black Hammer-3, Armor-3. Estimated value 300¥.

A Message From Mr. Voronov

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