Gamma Ray Running

The Favor

The Favor

Your favor to the Ancients worked out to your benefit. You successfully escorted the target from Portland to Seattle, and while you did ruin the van you were using to get up there, you got it replaced with a brick of a truck…which you had some manner of trouble getting over the border, but after a couple of days with a shop and a mechanic, it wasn’t as good as new but it’d get you home. With your bikes (and a different Customs stop which let Ulysses go through without a hitch through that one), you took both the girl and the band up to Seattle. After giving them 1,000 nuyen to get them going, you turned them free to meet their fate! Of course, now that you’ve taken Snow up to Seattle, what are you going to do with her?

In addition, for the next few days, there’s a few more things to consider. Vashon may not have gotten first place in his race, but a prize was delivered through his usual biking contact. The Ancients have gotten in touch with Danea, saying something about “bequeathment” and “left this in your care”, eventually presenting her with a lacquer case with a sword in it, along with a note of regret from Serafina about this particular turn of events, seeing as she’s dead and all. El Topo… well, he’s got that data still that it’s better not to talk about.

As for Ralph… it seems that he’s made a new friend. The spirit he called may have been what was wanted, but it wasn’t what was expected (as Chris has kindly let me know that water spirits don’t do healing… oh well!). While it may have simply been a simple water elemental when he let it go, it didn’t leave, and now he has as something of a contact the free water spirit “Frost”... who is perfectly willing to take on the role of teaching him such things as healing, among others. It has a tendency these days to appear in the form of a pale elven woman when manifested (and it is difficult to see that she’s not an elf, except when viewed astrally), and for some reason it seems to think that it still has some manner of obligation to the alcoholic detective.


Ulysses feels that now that our/YOUR obligation to the Ancients is complete, we should investigate that Spirit that showed up at the bar. After all, Spirits have very little need for drinks, or PIs for that matter, so something more interesting is probably behind this. Such as a mage with a missing sibling.

The Favor

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