Gamma Ray Running

First Offerings

In which the first choices are made

So, runners, looking for work? Your fixers have three jobs in the offering, but you can only take one of them for short notice.

Aleph: “Greetings! My favorite guys! Hey, listen, I’ve got a Johnson, and boy, is he huge! You’ll want to see this Johnson, I’m sure of it! If you’ve got the time, this guy’s got a job for you—I got some word out of him about picking up and transporting some sensitive data. He’ll meet you at il Fomaggio out in Bellevue.”

Seraph: “I trust that you are well? I’ve a client that has the need of the specialized services that your group may be able to provide. The client wishes to meet with you at Genki Kobe steakhouse downtown. It seems to be some kind of bodyguard work.”

Johann: “Hey, guys, listen, I’ve got a friend down here who’s looking for a group to help him out with a little problem. He’s got a friend who’s coming into town and needs a hand moving his luggage, y’know what I mean? You know the usual place where I set up the jobs.”

I’ll get your pick on Saturday.

Edited: Saturday, June 12th:

Seraph: Excellent. I’ll pass on the word to this particular client that you will be willing to meet with him.



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