Gamma Ray Running

Offers, Week 6

... ... ... Nobody’s responding to your calls. At least, those that work the shadows. Your fixers are all silent in the wake of the callous murder of the fixer you knew as Seraph by Aztechnology. This even made the papers, but the official line from Knight Errant is that it was a drug deal gone bad, and ‘unsavory elements of society’ were discovered around his corpse, and that the elf managed to take more than a few of these gangers with him before he was gunned down.

Of course, on Shadowsea, the message was clear, especially combined with the failed attempt of Aztechnology to kill you before: this is a vendetta, and your ratings are near to zero. Jobs in your direction have practically dried up.

There is one bit of work being tossed your way, though. Or rather, a contact, simply signed by the word “Haven”, has been sent your way, with the following message:

“I am aware of your professional troubles. I will be willing to provide additional data to this situation you’re in, provided that you are able to recompense me. Meet me at the appended address to discuss possible transactions.”

The address is somewhere outside the far end of the Redmond Barrens.


Virgil: “Snow, I believe the time is right for you to pull out every trick in your big bag o’ tricks to find out who we’re meeting before we do. Otherwise, we might wind up staring down a very angry, very ugly Cybertroll when we go.

And I’ll be very disappointed with you if that happens.”

Offers, Week 6

You remember what I said about jobs in the barrens.. Now we are called past the barrens? If the other option were not an assault on the heart of Aztlan itself, I would never agree to such a thing.

I wonder if Danya will let me buy that rocket launcher back off of him..

Offers, Week 6

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