Gamma Ray Running

The Offerings (Week 4)

Sadly for Ulysses, those previous jobs unpicked have since come and gone; what do you think this is, an RPG?

However, a few of your contacts have gotten in touch with you regarding jobs. They’ve heard, through the wire, that you’re starting to make a name for yourselves in the shadows, and they’re interested in giving you work that’s more than just scutwork.

Danea’s Mitsuhama contact has gotten in touch with her. Having heard that you’ve just laid your hands on what amounts to an urban assault vehicle, there’s a Johnson involved who would like you to check up on a rumor in the Redmond Barrens. The information of the rumor will be presented in a meeting with the Johnson, held at the Lake Union Refectory. Should you take this job, attire for the refectory is modern dress—no ‘street wear’.

Vachon’s weapons dealer has another offering for you. Coming in via the docks will be a shipment of Ares military grade weapons, for Knight Errant’s SWAT division. However, unlike your stunt with the Triads, this one’s going to need to happen before the vessel gets into port if you want it. You want more details, you talk to the man at his office.

Finally, Ralph’s fixer has an offer for you (not his bartender, but instead his fixer, where he actually gets jobs, occassionally). In his role as an investigator, there’s been a crime up in Capitol Hill and the Johnson is convinced that the local rent-a-cops didn’t do a good enough job in hunting down the actual culprit. Attached to this request is a news link, commenting on the death of a few prominent partygoers on Broadway. Knight Errant ruled it gang warfare, and arrested a bunch of gangers in connection.


Ulysses responds: “Would you guys mind taking my brother Virgil along with you this time out? He just got into town and he needs some work. He’s better with vehicles and stuff than me… and between us, he really needs to get out.”

(OOC: Thought I’d get in on the alt-mania, if that’s alright. He’s pretty much a street-sam with a focus on close-quarters combat and driving.)

The Offerings (Week 4)

Vachon is unfortunately busy with his racing at the moment. He owes a favor (and a share of his take) to his racing organizer for that setup in the ID. And he’s got new toys to play with.

Yevgeny, however would be quite happy to offer his assistance as tactical coordinator and general troubleshooter again. He’s quite interested in meeting this new face he’s heard about. If everything works out, he may even have a job offer coming up for the team.

As for this week’s job.. Rumors, especially involving the Barrens, can’t be anything good. Take a job out there and you’re likely to wind up hip deep in a gang war or radioactive muck. Possibly both at once. On the other hand, it’s a good excuse for hazard pay. Hitting a cargo ship, possibly well guarded, while out on the open seas or navigating the sound would be a logistical and tactical nightmare. Which is exactly what Yevgeny is good at. If the team would rather play PI up on the hill, well, his contacts might come in handy up there, but it wouldn’t be his preferred job.

The Offerings (Week 4)

Virgil says:

“Well, if someone can get us a boat, I’m willin’ to go on a little cruise. I’ve been itchin’ to get my hands on that truck, though… Hrm. Maybe I could rig up a hover conversion for the… No, that’d take way too long. Ok, let’s go for the boat. Time for some lootin’ on the high seas, eh me hearties?”

The Offerings (Week 4)

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