Gamma Ray Running

Week Four Ramifications

Oh shiiiiiii-

Those present (Danea, Virgil, Ralph, and Yevgeny) decided to take the rumor checkup. According to the Johnson, during the shuttle crash around a decade ago, someone lost the command codes to one of the Thor shots that was in Fuchi’s possession. It was supposedly in the care of one of the gangs there, in the possession of “The Manager”.

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy. When you arrived, someone had made their own doorway through the wall, and then proceeded to slaughter everyone inside while you listened. Pulling up in your Urban Assault Truck, you discovered that there was a sniper who put several large holes in your ride with a Thunderstruck gauss rifle… the owner of which you discovered shortly after discovering the head of your very first employer (Athena, the lady who blew up the Aztechnology facility underground?) on a pike.

Hardcase, an ex-Shadowrunner, now a cyberzombie in the employ of Aztechnology. Thankfully, he didn’t take you seriously enough, and with a lucky shot to the face from Virgil’s shotgun, you managed to get away from him, though the word was now out—you are marked for death by AZ. They haven’t figured out where you live yet, but at this point, it’s only a matter of time.

Oh, yes. You also discovered a device, a metal cylinder, which has as of yet been very successful at burning out the spare commlink that Yevgeny hooked up to it. What it does, what it might have on it… nobody knows yet.

Danea now has a vendetta for her previous Mitsuhama contact, Ralph has a vendetta for the entirety of AZ (and is no longer an alcoholic)... and Yevgeny has a job for you.



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