Gamma Ray Running

Second Week's Offerings

This week’s offerings:

No job offers this week from any of your contacts. However, you’ve been given a few bits of information, and if you wish to act on any of them, it’s up to you.

The chip: Through skill, some work and his luck, everyone’s favorite coked-up pirate hacker managed to decrypt the data taken from the facility. AZ was busy doing destructive testing on Technomancer abilities, testing their limits and ways in which to removes those abilities permanently. While most of the research is already available with just a moment’s querying through some of the more black data havens of the Matrix, a few bits of prime information come to the top. One of the things they stumbled upon was a chemical that could permanently strip any magical ability from the subject, be it Resonance or Magic. The formula has been included in the file (and, for your reference, it includes such savory things as an HMHVV-infected host being rendered down while still living, the remains of living invader-spirit hosts, and a few synthesized drugs, manufactured by AZ).

One of the Vory has something for Yevgeney: “Hey, boss, one of the boys and I found out about a shipment of immigrants being shipped in. Bunch of kids that’re being smuggled in, though we don’t know what for. It’s some independent work, so I’m thinking we might show these guys who they’re dealing with and what they’re doing on our turf!”

Ralph’s bartender: “Hey, man. Had a spirit in here yesterday. Yeah, a spirit. No idea what for, it’s not like we serve anything here for ‘em. Anyways, was asking for a private dick to look into a case about a missing sibling or somebody’s brother or something. Feel like doing a job?”


Solomon sits up and pays attention when he hears about the spirit’s job.

“If no one disagrees, I’d like to talk with this spirit.” He pauses, before adding “It might be a nice change of pace from the heavily armed assaults… and industrial espionage… and atrocities.”

Second Week's Offerings

Veygeny: “This spirit intrigues me as well. The only question is: do spirits have moneys? Or things that can be converted to moneys? Favors are nice, da, but does not pay rent, no? Regardless, I may need to help my fellows with this smuggling of little kiddies, but if I do and you decide to pursue spirit business, I make sure you have someone to back you up.”

Second Week's Offerings

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