Danea Phelonamy



Body: 3, Agility: 4(5), Reaction: 3, Strength: 3, Charisma: 5(7), Intuition: 5, Logic: 2, Willpower: 2, Edge: 3, Initiative: 8(9), Essence: 6

Active Skills: Blades (Katana): 4, Influence Group: 4, Stealth Group: 2, Perception: 2, Intimidation (Mental): 2, Archery (Crossbow):2

Knowledge Skills Yakuza Politics: 3, Metahuman Politics: 3, Local Area Knowledge: 4, Megacorporate Security: 3

Qualities: Negative: Gremlins(2), SINner(Standard)

Powers: Enhanced Perception: 2, Kinesics: 3, Improved Combat Ability: 2, Improved Reflexes I: 2

Weapons: Forearm Snap Blades, Shuriken, Katana, Heavy Crossbow, 10 clips regular bolts, 2 clips injection bolts

Armor: Actioneer Business Clothes, Lined Coat

Other Stuff

Lifestyle: Middle, Fake SIN (Rating 5), Erika Elite with Renraku Ichi

Contacts: Mitsuhama Rep: 2/4, Fixer: 3/4, Ancients Member: 4/3

Languages: Sperethiel: Native, English and Japanese: Conversationally Fluent

Karma Spent On:


Danea hails from Tir Tairngire. She was born after the Awakening and was trained from childhood to be a player in Elvish politics. She spent a lot of time traveling, learning about the cultures and customs of the people she would be expected to control in negotiations.

She has quite a bit of experience in Tir politics, which is how she made her contacts with the Mitsuhama corporation and Yakuza.

She doesn’t like to say she ran away, but her family was not happy with how she decided to suddenly leave one day and relocate to Seattle. Her choice of a city so close to Tir was to show she wasn’t interested in leaving permanently, but just needed some time to experience a free life for a time without the expectations of honor and family that is everpresent in Elvish culture. She is in contact with a few cousins, but tries to stay out of family business at the moment.

Danea’s been in Seattle for the past 3 years, she has established her reputation around being someone who can handle a situation without devolving to violence. Of course, she also has a reputation of someone who can take care of herself and has what it takes to get the job done in varying circumstance. And while she looks soft and in control, anyone who knows her knows better than to upset her.

Danea Phelonamy

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