Doug Jovanovich

Just a good ol' ork, never meaning no harm... Beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day he was born.



Body: 4
Agility: 5
Reaction: 5/6
Strength: 3
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 3
Willpower: 3

Edge: 3



Athletics Group 1
Biotech Group 1
Mechanics Group 4
Pistols 1
Unarmed 1
Dodge 1
Gunnery (Ballistic +2) 4
Pilot Ground Vehicle (Wheeled +2) 6
Pilot Air Vehicle 1
Pilot Water Vehicle 1
Pilot Anthroform 2
Demolitions 3
Armorer 4


Drone Models 4
Security Procedures 3
Security Design 3
Cars 3
Classic Rock (Southern Rock) 2
Gender Studies 1
Ballistics 2
Chemistry 3
Vory 2


Prejudiced (Homophobe)
In Debt
Tough As Nails 2
Gearhead (Wheeled Vehicles)


Knight Errant P4: +1 Handling, 20/50 Acceleration, 180 Speed, Pilot 3, Body 2, Armor 2, Sensor 3 Maneuver 3
The P4 is a small but speedy wheeled drone, equipped with a spike strip ejector.

2x Lone Star iBalls: +1 Handling, 3/15 Acceleration, 15 Speed, Pilot 3, Body 1, Sensor 2, Maneuver 2
Upgrades: Flashpack and Smoke Bomb, Gecko Tips
The iBall is a tiny (roughly eye sized) drone, intended for surveillance. Doug’s iBalls have been upgraded with a self-destructing flashbang, as well as gecko tips allowing it to roll up walls and cling to ceilings.

2x Bust-A-Move Dolls: 3/15 Acceleration, 10 Speed, Pilot 2, Body 1, Arm 0, Sensor 1

GM-Nissan Doberman: 10/25 Acceleration, 75 Speed, Pilot 3, Body 3, Armor 6, Sensor 3, Target: 3 Equipped with: Ares Desert Strike, Gecko Tips, Ammo Bins
The Doberman is a perimeter defense drone, which Doug uses to protect his body during runs.

MCT Fly-Spy: +1 Handling, 3/15 Acceleration, 15 Speed, Pilot 3, Body 1, Sensor 2, Maneuver 2
The Fly-Spy is the size and shape of a large insect, and is intended for shadowing people.

Steel Lynx: 15/40 Acceleration, 120 Speed, Pilot 3, Body 4, Armor 9, Sensor 3
Equipped with: Nitama Optimum II Assault Rifle (Supressed), and ammo bins.


Clearsight 4
Covert Ops 3
Defense 3
Electronic Warfare 3

The Van:

Rover 2068: +2 Handling off road, Speed 140, Pilot 2, Body 13, Armor 10, Sensor 2
Upgrades: Enhanced Rigger Cocoon, Rigger Adaptation, Ram Plate, Internal Weapon Mount (flexible mount), Morphing License Plate, Anti-Theft 2, Amenities (High), Drone Rack (Small), Truck Nuts, Passenger Protection 2, Off-Road Suspension, Chameleon Coating, Personal Armor 5
Weapon: Ares LMG

Doug’s Stuff:

Ares LMG: Dam 6p, AP -1, Burst or Full Auto, Recoil 2(3), 300 Bullets in the Bin
Nitama Optimum II: Dam 6p, AP -1, Semi-Auto, Burst or Full Auto, Recoil 1, 280 Bullets in the Bin, with an…
Underslung Shotgun: Damage 7p, AP -1, Semi-Auto, Recoil 1, Tube magazine of 5.
Ares Desert Strike: Damage 8p, AP -3, Semi-Auto, Recoil 1, 262 Bullets in the Bin
Savalette Guardian: Damage 5p, AP -1, Semi-Auto or Burst, Recoil 1, Clip of 12.

All are equipped with Smartgun systems, all are loaded with EX-Explosive Rounds. Speaking of which, I bought 7000 rounds of EX-Explosive bullets at character creation, so I don’t plan on paying too much attention to how much I’ve got in my ammo dump.

Hardliner Gloves: 3p Damage.

Lined Coat: 6/4 Armor

Fake SiN Rating 3 (Alias: Guillermo DiGiovanni)
Fake License for Weapons Rating 3
Fake Driver’s License 3

8,320 NuYen.

8 Meters of DetCord.


Fairlight Calaban running Novatech Navi.

Response 5, System 4, Signal 5, Firewall 3.
Programs: FIH Matrixware Netwizard, Command 5, ECCM 5, Encryption 5, Agent 3 which runs ECCM, Encryption and BFF, Armor 6, Crypto-Sense Module, Customized Interface, Fetch Module 3, Hardening 6, Hot-Sim Module, Response Enhancer 3, Tacnet Rating 2, Biofeedback Filter 4


Ocular Drone (Treat as cyber-eye which can pop out and become an iBall)
Control Rig
Wired Reflexes 1


Yevgeny Voronov (Loyalty 1, Connection [that he’s willing to use for Doug] 4)

Dice Pools:

Hot-Simmed Gunnery: 13


Unspent: 15


Doug Jovanovich is not well.

No one’s sure if he suffered a head wound or if he was just born that way, but it’s known that Doug is far from stable. He’s also in debt up to his eyeballs with the Russian mob and likely to stay that way, considering his tendency to spend most of his pay on new mechanical toys to play with and his habit of fits of rage that last far longer than they should (often to the point of picking fights with those he shouldn’t). He’s also something of a control freak, only at any sort of peace when he’s receiving tactical data from at least three sources. In physical confrontations, he tends to go a bit off the deep end.

However, he’s far from incompetent. In his custom-made “Coffin,” he co-ordinates a nigh-unstoppable horde of drones, and he can even hold his own in a fight (though this is far from his comfort zone). Suffice to say, he’s not someone you want to piss off unless you plan to do it from a Faraday Cage.

Doug Jovanovich

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