Hector Elizondo "El Topo" Camacho

Fugitive Caribbean League pirate in search of a new home.

Hector Camacho - El Topo (Hacker) 400 

BOD 3    (+1 vs dmg)                                (20)
AGI 4                                    (30)
REA 3(4)                                    (20)
STR 1                                    (0)
CHA 2                                    (10)
INT 2                                    (10)
LOG 6(8)                                    (65)
WIL 2                                    (10)
INI 5(6)

Edge: 7
Essence: 2.80
Magic: 0

SINner    (Criminal)                            (-10)
Addiction (mild) Novacoke
Incompetent (Leadership)

(Skill Group: Electronics)                        4 (40)
    Computer (Logic)
    Data Search (Logic)
    Hardware (Logic)
    Software (Logic)
Cybercombat (Logic)    5
Electronic Warfare (Logic)   3
Hacking (Logic)         5
Pistols (Agility)    3                        
Infiltration (Agility)    2    
Blades(Sword)           1(+2)                    
Perception              2
Demolitions (Foam)      1(+2)
Dodge (ranged)          2(+2)

Academic Knowledge (Operating Systems) (Logic)                 2
Street Knowledge (Matrix Topography) (Intuition)            4    
Street Knowledge (Pirate Trid Broadcasters) (Intuition)            2
Professional Knowledge (Corporate Matrix Security Procedures) (Logic)    4
Street Knowledge (Data Havens) (Intuition)                            4
Street Knowledge (Pirate Culture)                                     2
Interest Knowledge (Caribbean politics)                                 2

Languages: Spanish (N) English (4)

34 points convered to nuyen: 170,000 nuyen (5,000 per point)
Lifestyle (Middle), 2 months prepaid: 10,000 (160k left)

    2x Hammerli 620s (Light Pistol)
        Weapon Accessories:
        2x Hidden Gun Arm Slide (PAN activated)
    EX Exp(100)    

    AK-97 (Assault Rifle)
        Weapon Accessories:        Availability    Cost
        Barrel:    Gas Vent (3)        6r        400 
        Intr:    Smartgun Link        6r        500 
Monofilament sword
Survival Knife

    Armor Clothing    
    Lined Coat    
    Wired Ref(1-alphaware)    
    Sim Module(Hot Sim Modded)    
    Bone Lacing(Plastic)    
    Cerebral Booster(2)    
    Cybereyes R3    
      Flare comp        
      Low-Light V.        
        Vision Enh.(3)    
      Vision Mag         

    Commlink:        Response    Signal        Cost
    Sony Emperor(Custom)     5        5        5700 
    Operating System:    Firewall    System        Cost
    Homebrew OS        6        6        6000 
Programs:                    Rating    
    Common Use:
        Analyze                5    
        Browse                2    
        Edit                5    
        Command                3    
        Encrypt                5    
        Scan                3    
        Armor                3        
        Attack                3    
        Blackout            5    
        Decrypt                5        
        Defuse                2    
        ECCM                3        
        Exploit                6    
        Medic                4        
        Sniffer                2    
        Spoof                4        
        Stealth                6    
        Track                2        


    Handling   Accel   Speed   Pilot   Body   Armor   Sensor  Avail  Cost

Vehicle Modifications: 
    Van: (Mod limit 6)    Slots    Threshold    Tools    Avail    Cost

    Fake Licenses:                
    Weapon/Ammo (R4)             
    Concealed/Carry (R4)            
    Fake SIN (R5)                 
    Fake SIN (R3)                
    Fake SIN (R3)                

5 changes of actual clothing: 100
AR Gloves 250
60 doses of Nova Coke: 600
1 year Doc Wagon Basic: 5000

<b>Still have 16,450 to spend. Waiting to see if there are any other expenses I forgot before I sump it back to Build Points and buy up my contacts. </b>

Starting Cash:  

Hector Camacho was born on the fringes of the Havana sprawl. His family was destitute and absurdly dysfunctional in the hard life of a 3rd world culture struggling against the 6th world reality that was hard for simple people to understand much less accept. Hector was the youngest of 6 children and from early on it was obvious that he was quite different from the masses of poor Cuban children born into the newly forming Caribbean League.

The pitiful remains of the once efficient Cuban State School System labeled Hector as learning disabled when he was in primary school. He was incredibly shy and difficult to communicate with. Early in school he accidentally killed an older child in a playground fight. After that event, the other kids were often terrified of him and there was a rumor among the kids that he was a werewolf. Given the awakening of the 6th world that was consuming the world, adults had even begun to fear the quiet young boy.

When Hector was only 10 years old his father sold him to a sweatshop baron who immediately put the boy to work in the Soylent factories that supplied much of the sprawl with cheap and marginally nutritious paste. His first job, at 10 years old, was stripping the carcasses of vat grown animals for every gram of edible protein. He was issued a single rusty blade and he would receive a mutilated carcass of a small mammal at the end of the waste chute for the mechanical separator. Hector was then tasked with cutting away every single piece of edible protein into a receptacle in the span of about 20 seconds per carcass. For this job Hector was never paid. His “earnings” would be tracked by the floor manager and this fund would be used to pay for his meager room and board expenses.

Despite the accommodations and the smell and the brutality of the work, Hector enjoyed it. He was rewarded for being methodical and precise as well as fast and quiet. The sad truth was that this was a step up from his previous life. He had a purpose even if it was as a slave.

Eventually the Floor Manager realized that the boy had an aptitude for electronics. At first it was doing simple repairs to the mechanical separator. This was an incredibly dangerous event as the great machine could easily tear the meat from the young boy’s limbs in a matter of minutes. As he got older and began to learn the details of how the separators worked he was directed to other complex technical tasks. He never knew to ask to be paid and he barely spoke. Still the Floor manager recognized that the boy had potential. It was at 12 years old that the Soylent plant sold the young man to the league pirates. His technical aptitude was a prized trait among the cyber pirates. He was placed under the tutelage (and servitude) of Desmond Parker. An older Jamaican fellow that was the resident sys admin/hacker/mechanic/surgeon for the pirate band “Los Ratones de Tortuga” based out of the traditional pirate stronghold of Tortuga.

It was here that Hector found his place in the world. Desmond was a cruel but brilliant teacher. Desmond found in Hector a tireless and underfed mind. In a matter of months before Hector had learned to develop Matrix Warez and homebrew OSs installations. Eventually Hector graduated from indentured servant to full member of the brotherhood of Pirates. It was during those first tempestuous years that Hector began to come out of his shell. New blood, especially Hackers and other “Squishies” get harsh treatment in the world of piracy. They get the highest risk/lowest reward missions. The survivors graduate to become full Hermanos. Hector was one of the best hopefuls. his speed and efficiency under fire were the talk of the Ratones.

Eventually he gained status as a full member and began to claim full shares of loot from the pirate raids. Hector was not an ambitious man. He enjoyed feeling included and he was satisfied simply risking his neck for his brothers. It was during this time that Hector received the bulk of his cyber enhancements. He had no desire to save his money and had no inclination to retire. He loved his work. He always had.

His world would be turned upside down when his crew boarded the wrong transport ship. The ship was owned by the Gunderson Corporation and was set up as a “honey pot” trap for pirates in the Caribbean Sea. Usually the pirates were aware of these thanks to some strategic palm greasing in the caribbean league government.

Most of Hector’s team was killed and the rest were imprisoned at the Crome detention facility in the Everglades. It was the first time in his life that Hector was on his own but he was certainly no greenhorn. He’d seen enough battles and run enough sketchy jobs to tackle with the best. He spent 10 years locked up before he was able to escape during a hurricane lockdown. Once out of prison and a fugitive he fled back to tortuga to meet up with his old gang. Once there he found the entire camp burned to the ground. His entire gang was destroyed and their skulls staked around the site as a warning to others.

On his heels was the entire Gunderson corporate security army. Hector picked up what gear he could and fled. He had few choices. He could try to hide out in the CL but G corp’s tendrils were deep there. He could try Azlan but he was just as likely to be murdered outright as allowed in. Instead he went back to Florida and made his way across the CAS, UCAS and NAN to Seattle. Some of the pirate boys had moved there for the action and he had one or two names he could leverage to get himself started on a new life. It was the first time he wasn’t enslaved or indentured or imprisoned in his entire life.

At the beginning of our story Hector has been living in Seattle for a few years. He’s in his 40s now and a relatively optimistic individual. He’s seen much pain and death and delivered some in return. Gunderson corp is long gone (It went bankrupt in 2061) and he’s relatively free to do what he likes. He’s made a couple of attempts to become a regular citizen but his criminal record and lack of social graces made this impossible. He just does what he does best now. His only goal is to pull down a score big enough that he can retire from running before he makes his last mistake.

Some of the inspiration for Hector was drawn from the following Characters:

Mr. Longbaugh Neil MacCauley Bob from Syriana The Pirate Movie

Hector Elizondo "El Topo" Camacho

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