Bod: 2; Agi: 4; Rea: 3; Str: 1; Cha: 7; Int: 4; Log: 5; Wil: 5; Edge: 3; Essence 6; Initiative: 7; Magic: 5

Skills Assensing (Int) 3 Astral Combat (Wil) 3 Conjuring group (Mag) 4 Spellcasting (Mag) 5 Etiquette (Cha) 2 Arcana (Log) 2

Knowledge Street Sam Tri-D movies 5 Seattle Talismongers 3 Underground Music Scene 3 [specalize in Goth/EBM] Magic Theory 2 Plilosophy 3 Physics 3 Outer Planes 4

English native

Qualities: Magician SINer (UCAS, Seattle) Mentor Spirit Sensitive system


Basic idea is a party-going rich bitch male elf with an obsession for street-sam movies. He has a Dragonslayer type mentor spirit who usually manifests as his favorite street-sam hero. He specializes in magic fights and summoning hordes of movie characters to fight for him.


Gamma Ray Running Kilahm