Snow (Yuki): Digital Snowflake

NPC and part-time PC (when Chris is running!)



Bod: 2 Agi: 2(4) Rea: 2(4) Str: 1 Cha: 3 Int: 4 Log: 6(8) Wil: 4 Ini: 6(8) Passes: 2 Cold Sim: 3 Hot Sim: 4 Edge: 4 Essence: .255

Qualities: Biocompatability (-10% essence cost of all cyberware) More than Metahuman (Jumping into/out of Drones as free action) Analytical Mind (+2 dice pool to Logic Tests involving pattern recognition, analysis, clue hunting, or solving puzzles. +2 dice pool to Data Search and Software Tests) Born Rich (Stuffed full of cybernetics) Speed Reading (Exactly what it says on the tin. Requires Log+Int (1) to recall specific pieces of information) Weak Immune System (-2 dice to resisting diseases) Infirm (Cost for learning Physical skills is 2x normal, and may not default to Physical skills) Chronic Disassociation Syndrome (-3 to Willpower tests except spell and damage resistance)

Skills: Perception 1 Etiquette 1 Computer 4 Cybercombat 4 Cybertechnology 3 Data Search 4 Electronic Warfare 3 Hacking 6 Hardware 4 Software 4

Knowledge Skills: Academic: Programming Theory 4 Electronics Theory 4 Metahuman Biology 4 Interests: Matrix Games 4 Street: Matrix Gangs 4

Languages: Sperethiel (N) Japanese 4 English 2 Russian 2 Cantonese 2

Equipment: Weapon: Yamaha Pulsar Armor: Vachon Island Steampunk Line (Overcoat, Corset, Petticoat/Skirt, and Blouse): 7/7

Fake SIN (Rating 4)

Cybernetics: Encephelon 2 (+1 to Logic Active Tests and Matrix tests, +2 to Cracking and Electronics with AR/VR) Math SPU (+2 to mathematical abilities, as well as E-War tests involving encoding or decoding) Simsense Booster (+1 IP in VR) Commlink Control Rig (+2 on Vehicle skill tests when jumped in) Datajack (With perma-slotted Linguasoft) Hot Sim Mod Eyeband (Smartlink, Low-light) Earware Move-By-Wire 1 (+2 Rea, +1 Dodge, +1 IP, Skillwire Rating 2) Biomonitor Fiberoptic Hair

Bioware: Cerebral Booster 2 Muscle Toner 2

Electronics: Commlink: Hermes Ikon (Response upgrade 6, Signal 3) Custom Operating System (System 6, Firewall 6)

Programs: Software Programming Suite (Rating 2) Linguasoft (English, Rating 4) Programs: (All programs are pirated with copy protection and limitations removed, subject to monthly rating degradation) Computer: Browse 6 (14) Nuke 6 (14) Armor 6 Stealth 6 Biofeedback Filter 6 Decrypt 6 (15) Exploit 6 (14) ECCM 6 Medic 6 (12) Spoof 6 (14) Blackout 6 (12) Corrupt 6 (14) Track 6 (12) Disarm 6 (14) Defuse 6 (14) Analyze 6 (12) Command 6 (12) Edit 6 (12) Encrypt 6 (14) Reality Filter 6 (12) Scan 6 (11) Purge 6 (12) Sniffer 6 (14)

Middle Lifestyle (1 mo, spoofed)


Yuki (More often translated to Snow via the Linguasoft in her head) has… issues. What she’s shared so far is that she’s had some neurodegenerative disorder that’s been at the moment stymied with the volume of electronics in her head. However, in doing so, someone discovered that she had an inherent resistence to Essence loss by invasive surgeries (read: Cyberware implantation), and so began to push the limit to see what they could stuff into her before “Break the Cutie” happened and they killed her. This happened to both her and several others, though it’s known that she’s the only one who survived this process.

However, the issue that caused this to come out has recently been recognized, with the release of Adapsin, a gene treatment which gives the same benefit as Yuki’s inherent biocompatability. Evo, the company trying to corner the market first, lost its bid, and has since given up on the elf, looking at her as lost profits and written off the project, coming into the market later than they’d have liked.

Yuki, for her part, isn’t entirely with it. A result of both her time in experimentation and lots and lots of surgeries as well as the death of her fellows and the vast essence loss depleted by what would nominally kill a normal person has left her… odd. She’s malleable, manipulable, and while she couldn’t be called “eager to please”, she’s generally without significant emotional affect and easily lead about. Still, since being freed, she’s beginning to show the first vestiges of whatever personality she had beforehand.

Taking to the shadowrunner lifestyle seemed like the obvious choice, considering that she’d been deliberately wiped from all public records and was in possession of some thoroughly restricted gear which she had no permit for. In addition, the various cybernetics implanted in her brain have given her a bias towards codeslinging and an intuitive grasp of hardware and software, and despite being frail of stature and lacking any weapons training, she’s doing her best to catch up with the best speed available.

Snow (Yuki): Digital Snowflake

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