Ulysses V. Solomon

Obvious troll is obvious.



Body: 10(13), Agility: 4(5), Reaction: 3(4), Strength: 7, Charisma: 3, Intuition: 2, Logic: 2, Willpower: 3,

Edge: 3, Initiative: 6, Essence: 0.8

Active Skills:

Automatics : 3, Longarms : 2, Pistols (Revolvers) : 4, Climbing : 2, Running : 2, Unarmed Combat : 2, Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) : 4, Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) : 3, Intimidation: 2, Etiquette : 3, Perception : 2

Knowledge Skills

Firearms (Heavy Weapons): 4, History (USA): 1


High Pain Tolerance 3, Toughness, Gremlins 1, Uneducated, Lost Loved One (Brother Castor)


Stoner Ares M202-Gyro Stabilization-Smartlink, Cavalier Deputy-Smartlink, Ingram Smartgun, Defiance T-250-Smartlink, AA-16-Smartlink 300 rounds of explosive ammo.


Cybereyes Basic System (Rating 3, includes Image Link and recording unit), Flare Compensation, Smartlink, Dermal Plating (Rating 2), Bone Lacing : Aluminium, Flare Compensation, Low-Light Vision, Ultrasound Sensor, Vision Magnification, Cyberears (Rating 1, includes Sound Link and Recording Unit)


Muscle Toner (Rating 1)


Full steampunk gear. -Overcoat (3/3) -Vest (2/2) -Slacks (1/1) -Shirt (1/1)


Harley Scorpion (Chopper)

Kickass Hotspur
  • Handling: +1
  • Accel: 20/50
  • Speed: 200
  • Pilot: 1
  • Body: 16
  • Armor: 10
  • Sensor: 2
  • Avail: 8
    1. Mods:
      • Turret
      • Weapon Mount
      • Gyro Link
      • Manual Control Override
      • Ram Plate
      • Road Strip Ejector
      • ECM 2
      • Improved Sensor Array
      • Oil Slick Sprayer
      • Winch (Standard)
        1. Weapons:
          • Light autocannon (Damage: 8p, AP: -4, FA)
          • Flamethrower (!) (Damage: 8p, AP: -Half, SS)

Other Stuff

Quick Draw Holster, 2 Concealable Holsters, Fake Gun License (Rating 4), Fake Cyber License (Rating 3), Lifestyle: Low, Fake SIN (Rating 3)

Karma Spent On:

Intimidation 2

Quick Note

I miscalculated my Essence, as it happens. It’s actually 0.8, so I’m slightly less of a black hole than I thought.


Orphaned at a very young age, Ulysses was raised in the country by survivalist famers along with three adoptive siblings of varying races. At the age of 17, however, one of his brothers (Castor) went missing, apparently having run off to the city to get himself into trouble. The entire Solomon family split up to find him, sending Ulysses to Seattle. That was five years ago, and he still hasn’t had much luck. However, he has managed to get in good with the local russian mob and makes a good enough living pulling jobs for them.

Even for a troll, Ulysses is massive and burly. Even without the extensive dermal plating and muscle augmentations, he’d be tougher than hell. As it stands, he probably counts as a military vehicle. However, he was raised to be polite, and he rarely lets personal grievances get in the way of pleasantries. Unfortunately, in a fight, he considers a hail of explosive rounds an appropriate pleasantry.

His horns are long and less curly than most troll horns, and extend over his head, lending him a slightly demonic appearance. However, his large grin only leaves his face in the direst of circumstances… Which doesn’t really help. His mode of dress is largely inspired by old west gunslingers (his parents were big fans of Clint Eastwood movies, and thus he was largely raised on them). The main difference is that in addition to the revolver at his hip, there’s a mil-spec machine gun on his back. And holes in his hat for horns.

Ulysses V. Solomon

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