Yevgeny Voronov

Everybody's favorite Russian uncle, dressed sharp for a night on the town. Never mind the bulge under the jacket.


Yevgeny Voronov, Vor Troubleshooter

Attributes: (220BP)
Bod 4 Rea 3/4 Log 3 Wil 3 Edge 4
Agi 4 Str 3 Int 3 Cha 5 Init 6/7 + 1 pass
Ess 1.4
Skills: (144BP)
  • Firearms Group (Longarms, Automatics, Pistols) 4
  • Influence Group (Con, Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation) 4
  • Clubs 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Infiltration 2
  • Shadowing 1
  • Perception 3
  • Computer 1
  • Data Search 2
  • Intimidate 3
Knowledge: (0BP, 18 freebies)
  • Street: Seattle Mob Politics 3
  • Street: Smuggling Routes 2
  • Professional: Security Tactics 2
  • Interest: Poker 2
Qualities: (0BP)
  • First Impression (+2 to Social skills on first meeting)
  • Bilingual (English & Russian as native languages)
  • Guts (+2 dice to resist fear & intimidation)
  • Incompetence (Terrible driver)
  • SINer (Criminal record, St. Petersburg Bratva)

Contacts: (14BP)

  • Organizatsiya (Connection 10 (Con 4 plus 6 for medium group, sprawl-wide, matrix active, limited magic), Loyalty 4)


  • Cyber (4.5): Datajack, cybereyes (Rating 4 w/ clare comp, low light, vision enhancement (3), thermograph, smartlink, vision magnification), cyberears (Rating 2 w/ audio Enhancement (2), damper, select Sound Filter), dermal sheath (1), kevlar bone lacing, wired reflexes (1).
  • Bio (0.2): Tailored pheremones (2)



  • Ares Predator IV (improved smartlink camera w/ low light, thermo, vision mag)
  • Ares Alpha (improved smartlink as above)
  • Fanchi SPAS-22 (improved smartlink w/ low light)
  • 180 rounds heavy pistol ammo, 6 clips
  • 30 rounds EX-explosive heavy pistol ammo, 2 clips
  • 400 rounds assault rifle ammo, 5 clips
  • 40 rounds shotgun slugs
  • Actioneer Business Clothes (5/3)
  • Armored Jacket (8/6)
  • Novatech Airware (Response 3, Signal 3)
  • Disposable commlink (Response 1, Signal 3, System 2, Firewall 1)
  • Iris Orb OS (Firewall 3, System 3, Scan 1)
  • Basic OS Program Suite (Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3)
  • Encrypt 3
  • Tacsoft 2
Lifestyle & Misc:
  • Middle lifestyle, 2 months prepaid
  • Fake license (concealed carry, Predator, rating 3)
  • Fake SIN (rating 3)
Gameplay Notes:
  • On first-time meetings, Yevgeny gets +2 dice to social and Charisma based tests from First Impressions.
  • When dealing face-to-face with someone, he gets +2 dice from his Tailored Pheremones. This bonus stacks with First Impressions.
  • He’s no hard core street sam anymore, and his wires are a bit out of date, but he still gets 7 dice for initiative and 2 passes. With decent agility and smartlink, he can fire any gun smaller than a machine gun with 10 dice, and all his own guns have enhanced vision so he can shoot you around the corner in any lighting conditions. If he gets hit, his dermal sheath and kevlar bone lacing provide an additional +2/+2 armor and +1 die to damage resistance tests.
  • Yevgeny is handy for stake-outs and sentry duty as well, with 9 dice for visual perception and 8 for hearing, plus whatever situational bonuses may apply from having low light and thermographic vision, audio dampers and a select sound filter.
  • Last but not least, he’s a skilled tactician (Leadership 4), and makes his encrypted tacnet available to any group he runs with. Anyone running the software on their link and joining his network (Encrypt 3, Tacsoft 2) who supplies at least 4 sensor channels benefits from a dice pool modifier to nearly any test able to benefit from tactical advice (dodge, firearms, perception, surprise, and under some circumstances initiative) equal to the number of people contributing minus 2 (to a maximum of 2, so a minimum of 4 people need to contribute for the full benefit). Sensor channels can be any cybered or simsense-linked sense, or any sensor the character carries or wears. Any enhancements to a sense counts as a sensor channel as well, so ex. linked goggles or cybereyes with low light count as two sensors. So even if you’re not cybered up, grab a pair of image link glasses or even a camera with a couple of vision mods on it and some earbuds and you’re golden.

Евгений Валисьлович Воронов (Yevgeny Valislovich Voronov), or “Volk” to his friends, was a mid-level vor v zakone in the St. Petersburg bratva until last year. Around that time, events in Mother Russia convinced his colleagues that it was time for him to take a vacation, and he was encouraged to visit Seattle to look in on operations there.

Yevgeny enjoyed his forced vacation for a while, but eventually grew restless, worried his skills were growing rusty. He’s kept his hand in with the Organizatsiya (the local Vory), acting as an advisor, negotiator and sometimes lieutenant (he has the Organizatsiya as a contact, but really it’s more like they have him), and can rely on them for assistance when needed, but of late he’s decided to get back in the game. He can’t participate directly in local Organizatsiya business without drawing attention from his colleagues back home, but there’s nothing stopping him from earning a little extra spending money doing odd jobs for Seattle’s other underhanded organizations.

Physically Yevgeny is late middle age and looks like he’s someone’s favorite uncle. He has a full beard and mustache which along with his middle-length hair has gone salt and pepper grey. He’s not physically imposing at 1.7m, 75 kilos (5’7”, 165lbs), but still, there is a certain hardness around the eyes, a sense of coiled tension when he moves that suggests this is not a man to take lightly.

Yevgeny Voronov

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