GrokSheet: Character Creation

SR4 characters are designed using Build Points (BP). Starting characters have 400BP.

Choose Race

  • Human: 0 BP. All stats normal, +1 Edge
  • Ork: 20 BP. +3 Bod, +2 Str, -1 Cha and Log, natural low-light vision
  • Dwarf: 25 BP. +1 Str, +2 Str, +1 Wil, -1 Rea, natural thermographic vision, +2 dice on Body tests vs. pathogins/toxins
  • Elf: 35 BP. +1 Agi, +2 Cha, natural low-light vision
  • Troll: 40 BP. +4 Bod and Str, -1 Agi, Int and Log, -2 Cha, natural thermographic vision, +1 reach, +1 natural armor

Purchase Attributes

  • No more than 200 BP can be spent on stats.
  • All stats start at 1 + racial mod (minimum 1) and cost 10 BP to raise 1 point, to a max of 6 plus racial mod.
  • The last point to reach the racial maximum costs 25 BP rather than 10.
  • Stats cannot be raised above 1.5x the natural maximum (rounded down) by cyber or bioware.

Purchase Special Attributes

  • Purchase Edge. Edge is bought like a normal stat, but does not fall under the 200 BP limit
  • Purchase Magic/Resonance. Taking the Adept, Magician, Mystic Adept or Technomancer qualities gives you a Magic/Resonance of 1, raised as a normal attribute.

Purchase Skills

  • Active skills cost 4 BP per rating point to a maximum of six.
    • Starting characters can have only 1 skill at rating 6 or two skills at rating 5. All other skills must be 4 or lower.
    • Skill groups can be bought for 10 BP per level, to a max of 4. Ex. Firearms includes Longarms, Pistols and Automatics skill.
    • You can purchase a Specialization in any skill for 2 BP, granting 2 bonus dice for that specialization
  • Knowledge skills are purchased at 2 BP per point.
    • Characters start with (Logic+Intuition)x3 freebie points in Knowledge skills.
    • Knowledge skill specializations cost 1 BP.
    • Knowledge rules have their own skill maxes, just like Active skills.
    • Languages other than the character’s native tongue are considered knowledge skills.

Purchase Qualities

See the book for the full list. Important qualities are Magician, 15 BP, Mystic Adept, 10 BP, and Technomancer, 5 BP. Most qualities are 5-10 points, with very powerful ones being 15-20. Negative qualities run from 5 BP for annoyances to 30 BP for crippling disadvantages

Buy Gear

  • Every BP spent on gear is worth 5000 nuyen, to a max of 50 BP for 250000ny.
  • No starting gear can have a rating higher than 6 or an availability higher than 12.

Purchase Magical/Technomantic Resources

  • Spells cost 3 BP each to learn. Max number of spells known at character creation is the higher of Spellcasting or Ritual Spellcasting skill
  • Pre-bound spirits cost 1 BP per service owed, to a max of the character’s Summoning skill. The spirit’s force equals the summoner’s Magic attribute. The character can have up to Charisma spirits bound
  • Foci must be bought with cash, then bound using 1 BP per point of the focus’s Force. A character can have at most 5xMagic total Force in foci
  • Complex Forms for technomancers cost 1 BP per rating point, with a max of 2xLogic forms known
  • Pre-compiled and registered sprites cost 1 BP per task owed, to a max of the technomancer’s Compiling skill. Force is queal to the technomancer’s Resonance. The character can have up to Charisma sprites registered


Contacts cost BP equal to their combined Connection and Loyalty ratings (1-6 each, measuring how useful the contact is and how loyal to the character)

Calculate Derived Stats

  • Initiative rating is equal to Reaction + Intuition.
  • A character’s Physical Condition Monitor has a number of boxes equal to 8 plus one half Body, rounded up. Each cyberlinb a character has adds one box to the CM.
  • A character’s Stun CM has a number of boxes equal to 8 plus one half Willpower, rounded up.
  • Essence starts at 6 and is reduced by cyber and bioware. Subtract the full Essence loss for cyber- or bioware, whichever is higher, then subtract half of whichever is less.
Starting money is based on the Lifestyle bought:
Lifestyle Dice Rolled Money Multiplier
Street 1d6 x10
Squatter 2d6 x20
Low 3d6 x50
Middle 4d6 x100
High 4d6 x500
Luxury 4d6 x1000


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