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Good morning, runners.

We’ll be putting together a group of shadowrunners from a variety of backgrounds, for the purposes of making bank and getting the goods.

You’ll have a variety of fixers (read: contacts) available to you which can hook you up with black market goods, find you work, and even give you a place to hide when Knight Errant comes looking for you.

The setting is (unsurprisingly) Seattle, and the year is 2072. The name of the place… well, you get the idea.

Further information will be provided in the near future. To start with, I’ll provide you with a few fixers, going by the names Aleph, Seraph, and Johann. These will be the sources which will provide you with work and contacts to other deals, and they have contacts the likes of which you don’t. They keep the bank flowing, and possibly are able to hook you up with jobs that reflect your own interests in what’s going on.

Aleph is… well, nobody’s really sure. Aleph only interacts with others via drones, and there’s a bit of rumormongering that Aleph isn’t a handle but instead the name of an actual AI who’s doing the job for a price. Aleph interacts with others through a variety of minidrones, and is good for tech, cybernetics, and programs, as well as jobs which focus on these aspects. Aleph’s address in the Matrix is, and arranges for meetings via this address, though Aleph primarily prefers to interact with others in “meatspace” rather than the online forum of the Matrix.

Seraph is one of the shamans around town. He spends most of his days speaking with spirits and looking for omens, though he’s good enough at what he does that he’s one of the few people that multiple corps and businesses talk to when they want their futures read. Not that he’ll do that for cheap, but because of these contacts-and a reputation for getting the job done-he’s got the inside scoop on a lot of the magical business that goes on around town, and isn’t above hiring runners from time to time. He’s good for business and magical contacts, magical supplies, talismans, and the occasional spell when it’s needed. Jobs from this guy tend to be all over the map, though most of the jobs he receives are for those who need magical work taken care of.

Johann’s something of a low-level name downtown, but everyone knows him—or at least, he knows everyone. He’s currently operating in that extralegal area in the Underground (being and orc and all), and keeps close ties to the Yakuza, the Triads, the Mafia, and the Bratva, dealing with each in turn and keeping his ties close enough to all of them without doing much of anything to tie himself completely to any of them. He’s engaged in smuggling, and if the price is right, he can probably lay his hands on anything there is. It’s no real secret that the majority of his jobs involve theft of some kind or another, as he refuses to set up runners with jobs which could imperil his position as a ‘neutral party’ between the crime organizations. It’s also no secret that he’s a member of the Orc Liberation Front, and while he’s not so pro-orc to hate everyone who isn’t one, he refuses to tolerate displays of racism around him. However, he’s the best source to get guns, ammo, vehicles, and anything else coming into the port.

Yevgeny’s GrokSheets

These are some quick and dirty rules summaries Direbunny’s come up with to help ease things along.

GrokSheet: Character Creation
GrokSheet: The Basics
GrokSheet: Combat
GrokSheet: Magic
GrokSheet: Hacking
GrokSheet: Rigging

Erin’s Advice

Here’s a few things you might want to know about stuff.

Erin’s Advice: Dealing with Johnson

Main Page

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